Cup of Baltic Friendship U15 winter CUP OF BALTIC FRIENDSHIP U15 WINTER
3.1. - 4.1.2019 Tondiraba Icehall | Estonia


Thursday 3.1.2019
110:00HC Dynamo/HC PanterFinished4022
HC Vipers8332
212:00Team HockeymanFinished10532
HCK Salamat 044220
314:00HC VipersFinished2011
HS Riga2002
416:00HC Dynamo/HC PanterFinished12444
Team Hockeyman6222
518:00HS RigaFinished13616
HCK Salamat 040000
Friday 4.1.2019
608:00HC VipersFinished14653
Team Hockeyman3021
710:00HC Dynamo/HC PanterFinished16475
HCK Salamat 040000
812:00HS RigaFinished9432
Team Hockeyman6213
914:00HC VipersFinished12525
HCK Salamat 043120
1016:00HC Dynamo/HC PanterFinished4211
HS Riga2200