Cup of Baltic Friendship U15 winter CUP OF BALTIC FRIENDSHIP U15 WINTER
3.1. - 4.1.2019 Tondiraba Icehall | Estonia

I Purpose and objectives

1.1.  Further improvement of the skill of athletes.                                                                   

1.2.  Strengthen cooperation between teams, cities and states.                                             

1.3.  Definition of the strongest teams.                                                                                                                                             

II Participants of the tournament

HC Panter/ HC Dynamo Tallinn

HC Vipers

HC Dynamo Riga 04

Finnish select 04/05 (level players AAA+ from Finland)

HC Salamat 04

III The order of the competition

3.1.  The tournament is organized in accordance with the existing IIHF rules.

3.2.  Play time 3 x 20 min. clean time.

3.3.  Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 4 games.

3.4.   In the team can be 4 -5 players born in 2003

IV Awards ceremony                                                                                                                                                             

4.1.  The best teams will be awarded cups, players - medals, diplomas and prizes.