WCH cup 2017 WCH CUP 2017
5.8. - 6.8.2017 Gullmarsborg | Sweden

Welcome to WCH Cup 2017 for players born 2005 or later.

All games will be played 2 x 20 minutes. With standard Swedish youth hockey rules.

The cup will be played with a group stage where 4 teams play a round robin schedule during Saturday. The participating teams are East Coast, SoS Kings, West Coast Hockey Blue, and West Coast Hockey Red. 

At Sunday the playoff stage is held with two semi-finals, a bronze game and ending with the final game. During the plyoffs a game that ends with a draw result at end of regulation time will be followed by a five minute sudded death overtime 4 on 4. If the standing is still draw after the overtime penalty shots will follow. First 3 different shooters in both teams will shoot three rounds. If the standing is still draw after these three rounds sudden death penalty rounds will follow. Here the teams can choose freely which player to shoot.


Hope you all get a wounderful stay at Lysekil.

West Coast Hockey 05