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U10 Baltic Kids Hockey League Tallinn stage

14.3. - 15.3.2024 Haabersti Icerink | Estonia


Each team plays 5 games at each stage (against each other).
Playing time – 2x20 minutes of dirty time. 

Games are played in a 4:4 format on half the field. 

The field is limited by small sides, we play with black pucks.
Games are played without forceful techniques.
2 games are played simultaneously (on each side of the field).

For a violation in the game, the next shift must be played 3:4. 

If the violation was committed in the last shift of the game, then the opposing team takes a free throw. Team representatives decide whether or not the player who is penalized with a large game fine will miss the next game or not.
Change of players - after 1 minute 30 seconds, when the siren turns on. 

There should be no frontal attack on the goal. The player who is first at the puck after a change must make a turn and only then can attack the opponent's goal. 

Substitute players must not touch the field with any part of their body before the siren sounds. All side gates must be closed .

The winners of the stage are determined by the highest number of points scored in all games, a team receives 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss.
If two or more teams have the same number of points at the end of a stage, the higher place goes to the team that:
More points in mutual games;
Better goal dfference in mutual games;

More goals in mutual games;
More victories in all games of the stage;
More goals in all games of the stage;
Best goal difference in all games of the stage;
Fewer team penalty minutes per stage;

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