How to begin

GameResultsOnline is designed to help you share information about your tournament. Find out how easy it is to begin:

  1. Register your organization at:
  2. Log in to the service and find the user manual from the top right corner of the page.
  3. Order the tournament by clicking on the shopping cart and you will receive an email with payment details.
  4. The tournament is immediately at your use and you can get familiar with the service.
  5. Create the amount of series you want in the tournament.
  6. Create groups and phases to the tournament.
  7. Create game schedules with one click.
  8. Publish the tournament.

You can publish your tournament for marketing purposes before you know who will participate in it. You can gather an information package regarding your tournament by adding information pages such as: main information, tournament rules, arrival instructions, accommodation or food schedules. You can fill in the participating teams once they are confirmed.