Club information

  • Users can be added as administrators and tournament authors to insert results.
  • Users can be given rights to process specific tournaments.

Tournament planning

  • Managing the general information of the tournament, for example time, place, logo and description, is simple.
  • A team's player information with positions and the crew's roles can be set individually for each team.
  • Tournament phase and group planning is made easy and safe.
  • Tournament phases and groups can be created as needed.
  • Points gained from the games can be defined by the user.
  • It is simple to insert pictures or logos of sponsors or partners to the tournament website.
  • It is possible to change the color theme of the tournament website.
  • Generation of games can be made with one click which will speed up the creation of game lists.
  • The rearrangement of games can be made by clicking the mouse.
  • Insert of game results is easy and simple.
  • An electronic form or a more compact result list can be shown from the games.
  • There can be several administrators and result authors.

Publishing a tournament

  • General information of the tournament is available for all users of the service.
  • The inner order of the teams in a group is updated automatically when the results are inserted.
  • Teams in the next phase games or groups are automatically filled to the tournament diagram created by the administrator once the results of the previous groups are inserted to the service.
  • All tournament games can be seen in the tournament list according to serie.
  • The tournament list is available for viewing during the tournament.
  • Results of the tournament list are automatically updated to the public site once they are inserted.
  • The team roster, crew and game program with electronic form are viewable from the team's web page.
  • Games and groups are automatically shown in different monitor views.
  • Inserted data is available for using and viewing from the public side once saved.

Technical information of the service

  • The service and the tournament control is usable as a whole with a web browser without the installation of different applications or web browser add-ons.
  • The insert of game data can easily be made via a computer or a tablet.
  • The service is always available in a secure data center through certified connections.