Finland Lions Cup-turnaus (kansainvälinen) FINLAND LIONS CUP-TURNAUS (KANSAINVäLINEN)
19.4. - 21.4.2019 Hyvinkään Jäähalli | Finland

E1-07 Juniors Finland Lions Cup Tournament
Hyvinkää 19th - 21st April 2019

Hyvinkää Jää-Ahmat together with Pelimatkat Sports Travel organizes the international Finland Lions Cup tournament at Hyvinkää Ice Hall. In addition to Finnish teams, teams are also invited to the tournament. From Sweden and Central Europe.

Teams:  8 teams per tournament
Series:      AA and AAA
Playing time:  2 x 18 min, maximum time 55min
Matches / Team:  6 Matches, Simple Start Set + Quarterfinals and Rankings
Tournament Hall:  AA in the Youth Hall, AAA Sports Hall
Tournament Rules:  E-Juniors' Game Rules, Big Field
Dining:  Meals are ordered separately, dining is organized in the ice rink.
Offerings:  cafe, sausage, lottery, etc.
Further information: - +358 400 652 744